About us

SKYFM, controlled by CITIC Capital, is a comprehensive facilities management solution provider with a professional team, abundant management experience and flexible service methods. SKYFM has been committed to providing innovative, breakthrough services. With projects in industry, commerce, hotel, retail trade, education and government, SKYFM has gradually developed into an industry leader.

Now we have sites in more than 30 cities including Wuxi, Changshu, Nanjing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Chongqing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Kunshan , Yancheng , Nantong, Hangzhou, Jiangyin, Yixing, Shaoxing, Taicang, Jiaxing, Zhangjiagang, Zhenjiang, Lianyungang, Wuhu, Chengdu, Weihai,Binzhou,Tianjin,Wuhan,Changsha, and more.



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  • Wuxi subsidiary was founded in 2009

    Since SKYFM was born, Wuxi has set up more than 150 project sites which covers various industries, such as automobiles, manufacturing, electronic semi-conductors, business, school, government, logistics, service etc. Key programs are Greenpoint Technology, Seagate, Ikea, UAES, SK and others. We provide at least 100 service personals, at most more than 400 to these programs.

  • Changshu subsidiary was founded in 2010

    Providing security service for City Impression Security Program, the popularity of SKYFM in Changshu increased rapidly. So far there are almost 80 sites in Changshu. Service personals we provide to Chery-Jaguar Land Rover Automobiles come near 150.

  • Nanjing subsidiary was founded in 2011

    Within several years, we’ve accumulated rich experience in industries such as automobiles, manufacturing, business, scenic spots, pharmacy, logistics, finance etc, now providing service to near 100 enterprises. Since 2013, SKYFM has been providing security service to LG Chemical, our sincere and meticulous attitude has won recognition from customers, now there are more than 100 personals serving in LG Chemical.

  • Ningbo subsidiary was founded in 2012

    With standardized management training system and stable operation support, the scale of SKYFM in Ningbo gradually expanded and it was recognized by the majority of foreign companies. SKYFM is providing cleaning service to Samsung Heavy Industries which is Chinese first shipbuilding base, there are almost 100 people working in one single site.

  • Shanghai and Chongqing subsidiary was founded in 2013

    Our dedication to providing a perfect service attitude has gained general recognition from IKEA. SKYFM has signed contracts with Ikea in Baoshan, Shanghai and Chongqing after its success in Wuxi and Ningbo.For now, SKYFM has not only explored scores of major projects in Shanghai, but also established cooperation with SK Hynix (Chongqing), and Chongqing Jingdongfang Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD in Chongqing.

  • Suzhou,Changzhou,Hangzhou and Kunshan subsidiary was founded in 2014

    SKYFM develops rapidly, the cooperation with Weir China makes it rooted in Suzhou, Wyeth Nutritional China project added brilliance to SKYFM’s cleaning experience in food industry. Meanwhile, Changzhou subsidiary has built near 60 project sites in the local area. SKYFM is developing in an all-round way, and Hangzhou subsidiary was founded as well. Till now, there are almost 50 project sites in Hangzhou area.

  • Yancheng subsidiary was founded in 2015

    Beyond the quality, live up to your expectations. SKYFM has accumulated rich experience during the service of the auto parts industry in Yancheng. SKYFM has gradually expanding its influence, and accumulated rich experience in auto spare parts and other industries. Faurecia, Continental Automobile and other well-known brands also choose to cooperate with SKYFM.

  • Nantong subsidiary was founded in 2016

    Having been providing security and cleaning service in Nantong Haitai for two years, SKYFM wins great reputation in Nantong. Many enterprises choose to cooperate with SKYFM due to our excellent service attitude, now we have also entered into fields such as papermaking, fire department and materials. Excellent management team, professional service concept and pragmatic attitude, SKYFM will do better in the future!

  • Tianjin subsidiary founded.

    Tianjin subsidiary founded. SKYFM enters Shandong,Jiangxi,Hunan,Hubei,Fujian and Guangdong.

  • CITIC capital injection, Shandong subsidiary founded.

    CITIC capital injection, Shandong subsidiary founded.

Management team

Talented team, creative leaders,
Years of successful in-field experience,
They have repeatedly been highly praised by the service enterprises.
This is SKYFM team, unstoppable and invincible.

Honor and qualification

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